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Best Day Ever !

I can't recommend Linka and her team enough. I was so nervous at first, then I saw my hair and makeup (wow!) I couldn't believe how good it was. My confidence hitched up a couple of notches (along with my skirt lol). Linka was just amazing with choosing the outfits, props, poses. It was all so good, she made me feel so comfortable. Go get it done !!! Its a must! thanks again Linka! xo Jo

A Beautiful and Liberating Experience!

The beauty you have is reflected in the all the women you photograph and inspire. Don't ever stop what you are doing! Thanks so much for the beautiful, liberating experience. Nadine

The Highlight of our Weekend!

My bridesmaids had hired Linka to attend my stagette and take both individual photos of the girls as well as a final group shot. Right from the planning process Linka was very accommodating, consulting with each girl that had questions and allowing us to use her props and suggestions. We had a blast on the day, watching each other get ready into varying "themes" and outfits, and Linka was great at adapting to our individual plans and ideas. During the shoot she was very easy going and positive, making each of us feel comfortable, beautiful and sexy. After each session, the girl would respond with "I looked amazing! I don't know how she made me look so good!". When I asked the girls on the way home, from Canmore to Edmonton, what the highlight of the weekend was, each of them replied with "The Photoshoot!". Now that I have seen the pictures, I am even more impressed, they are stunning and turned out exactly how I had described to her in my consultation. Thank you! Linka for making each of us feel like a million bucks. The experience was wonderful and I know that it will be something each of the girls will remember fondly. Thanks again! Corinne, Edmonton

A Fantastic Way to Turn 40!

My pinup experience was amazing! We started with getting my hair and make-up done and I brought some of my own lingerie that I thought might work nicely with the images. I was feeling overwhelmed an insecure because I had never done anything like this. Linka was very professional and put me at ease right away. The costumes were a lot of fun and we had a great day. A fantastic way to deal with turning 40!

Hubby Thinks It's Cool to Have a Center-Fold Wife!

A girlfriend and I both did a 50`s pinup session and had an absolute blast! Linka had many fun outfits and scenarios for us and the pictures really captured my sexy side. My husband thinks it is so cool to have a ‘center-fold’ wife and loves the pictures. I am secretly having an album made for him for our first anniversary that I know he will really appreciate! Christy

End Result was More Than I Could Have Imagined.

My photo session was everything I'd hoped for. I was focused on, pampered and treated to Linka and Melanie's professionalism and experience. It was fun to see the end result being something more than I could have imaged. Is that me?!! It's almost like I should be in a magazine! Fun, fun, fun. Thanks again!Judy, Vancouver

To Anyone Considering Doing a Shoot like This - JUST DO IT!

My advise is: anyone who is even considering doing a photo-shoot like this - JUST DO IT! I'm definitely not a professional model, so when I signed up for my very own "Marilyn Monroe" photoshoot, I was more than a little apprehensive. Those feelings were quickly put to rest. Linka made me feel so at ease with the camera and it was actually a lot of fun! I'd always dreamed of looking like Marilyn Monroe and my dreams became a reality! Melanie, the makeup artist, was meticulous with hair and makeup, and I must say, I looked fabulous. What a way to boost my self-esteem! The pictures came out beautifully. They are so professional; the lighting, the angles, everything looked great. I've had so many compliments on my photos; I only wish that looked that good everyday! :o) It's wonderful to have these memories that I can keep forever. I highly recommend Astoria Photography, as I've had such an awesome experience! Tiffany

Super Fun!

Thanks Linka! I know we all gushed about how awesome you are, but I wanted to tell you again what a GREAT time I had in my photoshoot! You made me feel comfortable and I left feeling beautiful, which as you know, is a hard thing for most women to feel. I've been telling all my friends what a great experience I had with you.

A Great Confidence Booster!

After a recent divorce, I was ready to do something that made me feel happy and beautiful. Linka and her assistant Mel provided both of those in abundance! I still can't believe those pictures are of ME! It was a great confidence booster that everyone should try at least once!

Thank-You for a Wonderful Day! (Anna, 70 years young)

Thanks for a wonderful day! And I'm so happy with the classy photographs you made of me. A BIG thank-you to both you and Melanie! Anna - 70 years young!

An AMAZING Experience!

What an amazing experience!! Working with Linka and Melanie was fantastic. They made me feel comfortable, beautiful and sexy. It was so much fun. I loved their creativity and they went the extra mile to make the experience perfect. They are wonderful women who made the pinup session very memorable. I highly recommend Astoria if you are looking for a fabulous pin-up experience. Thank you so much, Linka and Melanie. I look forward to working with you again sometime!Kara-Leah

"An Afternoon Just for Me"... (says a working mom of 3)

I finally did it!! I’ve been WAY to self-conscious to do a session (always waiting until I could lose just 10 more pounds – which never seemed to happen!) but Linka finally convinced me. I couldn’t eat all day because I was so nervous but Oh.My.Goodness! What a confidence booster! She totally knows how to make you look and feel gorgeous (even with all my “curves”) and it was actually really fun! Linka is super professional and only takes “classy” pics but they’re definitely “Pinups”! The most hilarious part was that my husband was more excited about it than I was! He said the nicest thing to me when he saw the photos. He said, “NOW do you see what I see?” Made me a little teary-eyed… when you’re racing towards 40, have 3 extremely busy kids and deal with all life’s ups and downs, you easily forget that you can have FUN without having to worry about what’s for dinner, did the kids study, when am I going to clean up this mess? etc. etc. It was an afternoon just for me, and although I felt completely selfish doing it, I’m so glad I did!! And, so thankful to Linka for being so wonderful! I would love to have my friends (and their friends who need an “Up”!) experience the same positive, affirming pampering I had. Linka is A-MAZ-ING and truly listens to what you want and gets to know you to capture the “real” you. Check out the Before & After’s on her website – they’re really phenomenal!” Stephanie

Helped Me Feel Like Myself Again!

A very BIG thank-you for such a terrific experience. I'm so happy I did this and have the photos to prove it! After the birth of my daughter in October and a long winter in Ottawa I needed something to help me feel like myself again, and this definitely did it. I appreciated your encouragement and attention to detail. I felt relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire session and hadn't laughed that hard in a long time. I can't thank you enough for giving me the gift of feeling beautiful! Dana, Ottawa

I Can't Believe It's Me!

"I still can't believe it's me! Thanks so much for making me - and my baby belly - beautiful!"Laurie

Every Woman Deserves to Have a Session With You Girls!

Linka and Melanie! Thank you for the wonderful time I had at my special photo session. I put my faith in you two girls to make me look fantastic and I was not disappointed! Far from it!!! We had a great time visiting, doing make up and hair, playing dress-up. You were so encouraging and gave great coaching during the poses. I felt relaxed and confident as was revealed by the photos. After I saw the results of the session I felt like a million bucks and then some! The ladies at the lingerie shop where I bought the boudoir ensembles were blown away with the photo that I gave them. My husband enjoyed seeing me as a vision of loveliness and loved the album. You made me feel fabulous. Every woman deserves to have a session with you girls! Tina

Absolutely Loved Every Minute of It!

I have to admit, I was very reluctant to do the pinup session. I had never modeled before in my life and I was afraid I wouldn’t know what to do.I honestly wouldn’t have done it on my own, but as it was a gift from a friend, I felt I needed to give it a try. To my surprise I ABSOLUTELY LOVED every minute of it! The transformation started with the makeup and hair. Melanie did an amazing job and right then the confidence kicked in. When we added the cute outfits I felt like a completely different person. Linka and Mel told me where to put my hands, arms and legs, point my toes, etc... By the second outfit, I was already relaxed and got the hang of it. Later in the session we added wigs, and different props and laughed and laughed. I felt like I was there with two good friends. When I saw the final pictures I was speechless and had to do double-take to see if it was really me! AWESOME is the only word I can use to describe them. This is definitely something every woman should experience. The fun, the pictures and the confidence boost are well worth it!Kasia

OMG! Is That Really Me?

OMG!!!! You two are amazing!!! Is that really me???? Now that I have seen these few, I am excited to see my gallery. Thank you so very much to both of you for your help. I was definitely nervous about this whole adventure, but if I do this again (which I am sure I will) I will be much more confident and know what the heck to do... more Pilates and yoga about 2 weeks before for starters.. :o)Thank you, thank you, thank you....

Such An Empowering Experience!

I had a calendar made originally for my husband, which by the way he absolutely loved, but it ended up being a gift for myself as well. It was such an empowering experience to find and express my inner pin-up girl that I didn't even know I had! I think every woman should try this at least once in their life to be reminded of the luring power we have, not only in our curves, but in our attitudes too!Mel

Enthusiastic & Creative!

I really enjoyed my photo shoot with Linka! Even though I was in a hair and makeup chair for a bit, Melanie was great to work with and she made the time fly by. They both made me feel comfortable and were really fun to work with. You can tell that Linka really cares about her job because of her enthusiasm and her creative ideas. She worked hard to make my calendar special and adding those extra touches that made the gift even better. Thanks Linka and Melanie for doing such a great job!D.W.

Transformed into A Goddess!

I HIGHLY recommend getting a package done with Astoria Photography! They transform you into a Goddess! Seriously, you will be AMAZED with the results! I was a little nervous of the whole process but they guided me the whole time....told me about my make-up, helped put me into poses that looked gorgeous, and made the whole time so much fun! And my hubby can't stop showing people the pictures! I can't wait to go back and be a goddess again!!!" Tracy

Felt Relaxed and Pampered Throughout the Shoot!

I recently did a Maternity Pinup session with Astoria Photography. I was worried beforehand as my belly had grown so much so I could not figure out what to wear for the shoot ... plus I am turning 40 this year and I wasn't sure I could pull off the sassy look of a Pinup Girl. But Linka and Melanie took me under their collective wing. By the time my hair & makeup was done I was feeling very excited about the photos. Then Linka picked out some fun outfits and props that suited my personality. Their directions for posing were very helpful in showing off my body at the best angles. I felt relaxed and pampered throughout my shoot and I am thrilled with my photos. It is important to mark the milestones in our lives and what better way to do it than with beautiful images that will last a lifetime? Thanks so much! Nicola

Words Can't Describe How Happy I Am With the Photos!

Words can't describe how happy I am with the photos (I cried when I saw them!). Melanie and Linka did such and amazing job, I still can't believe it's even me in the pictures! I'd always wanted to document our family treasure (kimono) and now I have the best pictures ever! Jen

Fun Relaxed Photo Session with a Professional! A+

Linka is such a sweet person and so lovely to be around that our photo session was pure pleasure. And, she is so good at what she does that the photographs are amazing! A fun relaxed photo session with a professional who loves what she's doing: Linka gets an A+! Glori-Jeanne

The Whole Experience was Fun and Easygoing!

Working with Linka was a joy! My husband hates having is picture taken and she just made the whole experience fun and easygoing. She was also very creative with the shoot locations given that it was winter and the pictures were taken outside. We would definitely use her again!Mitzi & Michel