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Hi! I'm Linka and I'll be doing your Pinup, Boudoir or Portrait session! 

For as long as I can remember, I've had a "tickle-trunk" full of costumes, wigs, shoes and other sparkly things to dress up my friends. For me, Pinup and Boudoir sessions combine everything I love: the girly outfits, pretty lingerie, perfect hair & makeup, shoes, jewelry. But above all, I enjoy the feeling I get when I show women (ALL shapes, sizes, ages) how to see themselves as beautiful. 

I thrive off of meeting new people, gathering ideas, developing new concepts for photoshoots, and keeping busy with creative projects. I've been told I bring an easy-going, fun-loving energy to every session and have a talent for making people feel comfortable in front of the camera. I also have a very soft spot for animals, and by popular demand added Puppy Pinups back into my packages. (See Pet Photography Website). 

More About Pinup & Boudoir Sessions:

Pinup & Boudoir sessions are my true passion and specialty. They’ve sometimes been described by clients as a "Dress-up Party", "Pajama Party" or the newest and I think my favourite "A Play Date"!  I believe every woman wants at some point in her life to be “Glamourized”. The professional makeup and hair, vintage or sexy outfits, and the right lighting, not only physically transform women into a classic Pinup, but it empowers them with confidence and a feeling of beauty they may have never experienced before. To be a part of that whole process is extremely rewarding for me.

More About Portrait Sessions:

Most portrait sessions are shot on-location. These shoots are relaxed and allow me to get creative and express your personality in the photos. I often ask people to send me their favourite image from a magazine or book and I'll do my best to recreate it in the studio or on location. No matter where we shoot, every session is new and exciting, and I welcome the challenge.


For more information on Astoria Photography, myself, or to book a Pinup or Portrait session, call (250) 816-5863 or send a message to You can also visit the FAQ page on the menu and you'll find lots of information there on commonly asked questions.  In the meantime see what I've been up to lately by visiting my Blog.

Thanks for visiting, and I look forward to meeting you soon!